Be the superhero—recycle your phone

Don't trash
your tech

Recycle your tech!

The Challenge

Today, consumer electronics can be found everywhere. Mobile phones, tablets, smart home devices, training accessories and more. Most devices are just put away unused at home when you buy a new.

Only in Sweden, more than 20 million mobile phones are stored away unused. Each new mobile phone has a CO2 impact corresponding to driving your car more than 400 km, extending the usage of the consumer electronics are essential to save the world.


Circular product use

go:reuse was founded in 2020. It is a company improving circular product use, particularly for mobiles, laptops and tablets.
By making it easy, convenient and secure for people to make their old products available for reuse, we prolong product lifetime and reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the world.

How we do it

Recycle your old phone !

If you own a phone you don’t need:

      1. Download the go:reuse app
      2. Learn your phones market value
      3. Drop it in a collection box
      4. Get paid for your old phone!


We fix it as new !

  • All old user data is erased.
  • The phone is refurbished so it is as fresh as new.
  • Prepared to enter the go:resue community.


Select a new !

Select the refurbished phone you want.

Pay a fixed low monthly cost.

Return it whenever you want - no lock in!

Do you want to upgrade to another - just do it!

Is it damaged - send it in and get a new one!


Be supersmart!

Rent-your-next-phone - and save the climate!

  • Premium : 15 EUR/month – a high-end phone for advanced use
  • Standard : 12 EUR/month – a nice phone for regular use
  • Basic : 10 EUR/month – a basic phone easy to use

Select from all phone brands and models. No lock in - return it or upgrade whenever you want.


We are recruiting

If you are passionate about building a sustainable ecosystem and wants to engage in creating a long-term business for circular product use, we should talk.

As we are building an international business from scratch you need to appreciate the entrepreneurial approach we share. As we want to match personality with our culture and our mission, we care about who you are and what is in your dreams.

We can offer a fantastic journey with many options for your future career. Starting in August we need to extend our team in the following areas;

  • Business developers,
  • Logistics and operation,
  • Social media marketing and
  • Product management and development.